The Evolution Performance

Joe Lucero

Joseph is the owner of Evolution Performance as well as Your Life’s Personal Best. Joseph entered the world of health and fitness in 1988 while developing Therapeutic Reposturing™. Therapeutic Reposturing™ is very unique and is a precise sequence of Eastern and Western massage and bodywork techniques to promote the body’s proper structural integrity.

Joseph also has a wide breadth and depth of experience in coaching and personal training. The combination of this experience in Therapeutic Reposturing™ and coaching/personal training gives him a unique understanding of how the body works.

Joseph’s mission is for Evolution Performance to be a gym community that supports, encourages, and builds one another both physically and emotionally.


Kyle Meinhold

Kyle Meinhold is the Director of Strategic Operations at Evolution Performance. He is committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their fitness goals.

Kyle’s passion for weightlifting and fitness began in his early years when he discovered the transformative power of consistent training and proper nutrition. In this role, Kyle oversees the strategic operations of the gym, ensuring that the facility maintains the highest standards of quality and service. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative programs and technology to support Evolution Performance and its members.

When he’s not at Evolution Performance, Kyle enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for fitness. He is also a devoted husband and father, who enjoys spending quality time with his family, exploring the outdoors, and participating in local sports leagues.

Kyle Meinhold’s dedication to excellence, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience, makes him a vital asset to the Evolution Performance team. As the Director of Strategic Operations, Kyle is committed to fostering a supportive and challenging environment where athletes of all levels can thrive and reach new heights in their weightlifting journey.


Megan Mitsuko O’Sullivan

Megan has been an athlete as long as she can remember, participating in various sports growing up in San Mateo. 8 years of training for competitive gymnastics began at the young age of 4, and she started coaching at her gym weekly at 13 years of age. Other sports experience growing up included: golf, basketball, taekwondo, figure skating, soccer, and softball. She continued coaching gymnastics on-and-off for 17 years and was a coach for golf camps for 3 summers in high-school, helping to manage the camp her final summer.

Megan was a 12-sport athlete in high-school, participating in golf, basketball, and gymnastics all 4 years – and named co-athlete of the year her senior year. With 4 years running as MVP on the golf team, she went to participate on the golf team at California Polytechnic State University (D1), and earned a bachelor’s in business administration, Accounting.

After taking a break from athletics (though continuing to work intermittently in several golf shops including Edgewood Tahoe and Half Moon Bay Golf Links as well as in the business world), she decided to return to her roots and utilize her coaching experience to help others along their journey. She was CrossFit Level 1 Certified in January 2023, and has been learning directly from Joseph Lucero since late 2022. Her young company is providing Therapeutic Reposturing™ Deep Muscle Realignment, through a sequence specifically choreographed and trademarked by Joseph Lucero. 

Coach Evolution Performance 2022 – 2023
CrossFit Level 1 certified CFL1

Signature Strengths:

Steve Hernandez

Steve Hernandez is a passionate individual that is committed to the community and is committed to the passing on of the information of health and wholeness to the youth.

As a father of 2 boys and a competitor at a very young age, Steve has participated in various athletic endeavors from football, track and field, softball, Spartan sprints, Super Spartans.

Now a passion has been found in the jujitsu world which he has gained recognition, winning 3 gold medals and continues to train daily both with Jiu Jitsu and High Intensity Interval Training at Evolution Performance.
Steve Hernandez has a reputation that speaks for it itself. Starting in Redwood City Ca, With Redwood City 49er pop Warner 92-94, Menlo Atherton Bear Football 95-99, Menlo Atherton Track and Field 96-97, Rieke’s Center Employee 98-99 where he managed traffic flow within the gym.

Steve Hernandez is committed to provide detailed training focusing on technique and quality of functional movements.


George Hanna

George Hanna is a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. George takes pride in holding certifications from the NCEP, USA Weightlifting, and Ace Sports Nutrition. George strives to bring experience knowledge and expertise to every session.

With years of experience as a personal trainer, George Hanna, has the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients, from beginners looking to start their fitness journey to seasoned athletes aiming to take their performance to new heights. Regardless of your starting point or goals, George Hanna is committed to working closely with you and develop a customized plan that delivers results. Whether you’re interested in powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, functional training, or rehabilitation. George Hanna will help you achieve your ambitions.
One of the things that sets George apart, is his own athletic background. George Hanna has played a variety of sports throughout his life. From soccer to martial arts to football, and I currently compete in Olympic lifting at a national level. George Hanna also holds a position in the football Hall of Fame within his high school. George Hanna has extensive experience and knowledge in Olympic weightlifting and is certified as a USA Weightlifting Coach for aspiring competitors. This unique perspective has given George a deep understanding of the challenges that athletes and fitness enthusiasts face, and allows him to provide targeted, effective training that gets results.

If you’re ready to take control of your fitness and reach your desired outcomes, I’m here to help. You can find out more about me and my approach by visiting my Instagram page @secondwindfitnessca, or by reaching out to me directly at 650-670-2111. Let’s schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards realizing your fitness ambitions.

Helena Alvarez

Has been coaching for 4 years.

Helena works with individuals of all backgrounds and levels of fitness and matches. them with their goals. Helena’s certifications include the ACSM. CPT, NSCA-CSCS, and NASM-YES.

Helena has a background in Physical Therapy and holds a B.S. in Kinesiology.

Helena is currently working on an M.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in movement science.

Helena is a strength athlete and competes annually. I am committed to building a community of strong, healthy individuals.

My passion is movement and education.

Specificity is very important. Helena is committed to building and designing programs that are. unique to the needs of the client, athletes, and individuals of all levels for safe and progressive growth.