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We live in an age of perfectionism, where many of us strive for physical “perfection” and can become fixated on our outward appearance. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, it is important to remember that true health and wellness extend far beyond physical appearance. Let’s explore how we can achieve balance and enjoy holistic health and wholeness. 

Creating a Balanced Routine 

Creating a balanced routine is essential for living a healthy lifestyle and feeling satisfied. Taking the time to consider your daily activities, such as work, socializing, exercise, and relaxation, can help you assess how you spend your time. Your schedule should include meaningful activities that are beneficial for both physical and mental health; it’s not enough to check off items from a to-do list if they aren’t useful for helping you accomplish real goals. Drawing up a timetable that gives equal attention to every area of life can help you stay on track and feel balanced. Include everything from minor errands to any significant projects you must complete—just don’t forget yourself!

Mindful Eating 

Practicing mindful eating is a great way to achieve balance in your life. Mindful eating requires paying close attention to what and when you eat rather than relying on mindless consumption. This doesn’t suggest sacrificing your favorite meals or counting calories; the goal is to be aware of which foods nourish your mind and body while also recognizing how different foods affect your overall well-being. If certain foods leave you feeling heavy or lethargic, then limiting or avoiding them together is best. Through mindful eating, one can easily recognize which meals work for their body and lifestyle needs.

Engaging Your Senses 

Finally, engaging in activities that stimulate all five senses can help bring balance into one’s life. This could include anything from listening to calming music while taking a hot bath; going on a nature walk while paying attention to the sights, smells, and sounds around you; cooking a delicious meal while savoring the flavors; or even something as simple as taking five minutes out of your day to practice deep breathing exercises. Allowing yourself time daily to engage your senses can help bring peace and calmness into your life.  

Many people focus only on physical fitness when striving for health and wholeness. However, true health involves more than just our outward appearance—it involves finding balance in all aspects of our lives by creating routines that promote mental well-being as well as physical health, engaging in mindful eating habits, and allowing ourselves time each day to engage our senses in activities that help us find peace and calmness within ourselves. By incorporating these practices into our lives, we can enjoy holistic health and wholeness beyond just what we see in the mirror!


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