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How do strength and conditioning coaches help athletes?

Conditioning coaches develop systematic training programs for both teams and individual athletes, often working in close association with coaches. This usually includes teaching proper lifting techniques, supervising and motivating athletes as they work out, as well as assessing their performance before and after the program.

Mastering basic motor skills goes a long way for athletes. Just like learning sport-specific skills (shooting, passing, and throwing) basic motor skills like balance, crawling, climbing, jumping, landing, galloping, and sprinting are just as important.

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To whom it may concern:

Joseph Lucero and the Evolution Performance team are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and caring. The players in my baseball program, Hit Club Baseball, have been performing their strength and conditioning at Evolution Performance for three years and have been making great progress in their fitness. Under Joseph’s coaching and programming, they have gained strength, power, and speed.

The Evolution Performance team stresses the importance of proper form and technique, which has played a major role in increasing our players’ on-field performance while reducing injuries.

Joseph has been a great teacher for beginning lifters, as well as having great feel for when they push the more experienced athletes. In our program, players begin doing strength and conditioning at 14-15 years old as they begin high school. For these players, Joseph emphasizes technique and pays close attention to each athlete’s flexibility and movement patterns. Once they can perform all the exercises with proper form, he programs a detailed weight/repetition scheme for progression. By the end of their first 10-week program at Evolution Performance, the athletes are stronger, more flexible, and generate more power. For more experienced lifters, Joseph adapts his program to challenge these athletes and continue their athletic development.

Most importantly, Joseph and the Evolution Performance team pay close attention to each athlete and properly adjust workouts to fit their needs. They are a dedicated team of coaches and create a positive and enthusiastic environment. Joseph is also a great motivator and will take the time to give an encouraging speech to the group of athletes.

I strongly recommend Joseph and the Evolution Performance team for people of all ages and
skill levels who are pursuing athletic development. The coaching, facility, and culture of
Evolution Performance are all of the highest quality and they always are striving to get better.

Chris Romeo
Hit Club Baseball

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